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The Lakeshores Division was established in 1962 and encompasses eleven counties in western New York and is part of the Northeastern Region of the National Model Railroad Association

We meet several times per year and encourage those with an interest in model railroading to attend our meets and events at various venues in our area that reside in the counties of: Cayuga, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Stuben, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates as well as NMRA members from other divisions.




The Lakeshores Division Executive Committee:

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Superintendent:                           Dave Durr

Assistant Superintendent:          Ed O'Connell

Chief Clerk:                                   Rob Bartels

Treasurer:                                     John Becker

Past Superintendent:                   Ray Howard

Membership:                                Jim Fairbanks, MMR

Achievement Program:               Ned Spiller, MMR

Member Aid:                                 Ned Spiller, MMR

Newsletter Editor                       Ray Howard

Webmaster:                                  Ed O'Connell

Operations::                                                Ed O'Connell

T-Trak:                                           Jeff Faust

Railroad Prototype Modelers:    Mike Pyszczek

Division Photographer:               Jim DeMarco, MMR


Click the links below to download our Constitution or By Laws

Lakeshores Division Constitution

Lakeshores Division By Laws


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Membership Benefits


NMRA Partnership Program:

The NMRA Partnership Program is a member benefit that truly has a tangible payback.

Several dozen model railroad manufacturers of all sizes offer generous discounts for NMRA members all year long.

Some provide members with special codes, others prefer a phone or email order, but all appreciate the additional business from our members.

Of course, our members appreciate the extra savings...savings that can actually pay the cost of NMRA membership!

Discord-NMRA Interchange:

NMRA Interchange

Achievement Program:

In simple terms, the Achievement Program (AP) is a travel guide, to help you on your journey through the world of model railroading.

The AP also provides incentive to learn and master the many crafts and skills necessary in the hobby of model railroading.

With the completion of each category, you will be issued a certificate acknowledging your achievement.


Special Interest Groups:

An NMRA Special Interest Group (SIG) is an independent, non-profit, membership group organized to provide a forum for the exchange and collection of railroad prototype and/or model railroad information about specific topics.



Before the 1930s, there were no common standards pertaining to model railroad equipment. One manufacturer's equipment would not necessarily work with another manufacturer's or even run on someone else's track. Many modelers built to their own standard or from their own designs and ideas. In many cases it was difficult, if not impossible, to take your cars or locomotives to another modeler's railroad and expect them to run without problems. There were nearly as many couplers as there were manufacturers. This situation could only work to the detriment of the hobby as a whole.

The NMRA came into being in 1935 with a gathering of model railroaders, manufacturer's, and publishers, in response to the need to bring order out of chaos. The NMRA Standards were developed as a way to help insure that equipment could be interchanged between one model railroad and another and that cars and locomotives of one manufacturer could run on the track of another manufacturer together with cars and equipment of still other manufacturers and modelers.

Since 1936, many of these basic Standards have remained virtually unchanged from the time of their original publication. They have been added to and refined, but they have stood the test of time and have proven to have been of great benefit to the hobby of model railroading and have contributed greatly to allowing the hobby to develop to the point where it is today.