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Our newsletter, The Lake Shores Limited , is published throughout the year and includes news about what's going on in the Division, information about the next meet, and articles about a recent railroading event experience or project in progress on a member's layout, and more.


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2020-6 November (10-6).pdf


While we are not able to have in-person meets without restrictions or participate in train shows or other events during this pandemic, our involvement in the hobby somewhat becomes more important to deal with the stresses that come during this uncertain time. To deal with that, we've elected to produce "Extra" editions of our newsletter that will be published between the regular editions to keep our members involved.

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2020-E9 December (10-E9).pdf

2020-E8 November (10-E8).pdf

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2020-E2 April (10-E2).pdf

2020-E1 April (10-E1).pdf                       


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2020-E9 December (10-E9).pdf

2020-6 November (10-6).pdf

2020-E8 November (10-E8).pdf

2020-E7 October (10-E7).pdf

2020-5 September (10-5).pdf

2020-E6 August (10-E6).pdf

2020-4 July (10-4).pdf

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2020-E4 June19 (10-E4).pdf

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2020-E3 May1 (10-E3).pdf

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2020-E1 April (10-E1).pdf

2020-2 March (10-2).pdf

2020-1 January (10-1).pdf

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